Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Peace on Earth.

In World War Z, Israel and Palestine finally set aside their differences and united. All it took was an undead outbreak that wiped out most of life on earth. Hopefully it won't take an event of that magnitude in real life.

I had real hopes for a fairly peaceful resolution when Yasser Arafat died. I thought that his inflexibility was holding back the peace process, and with fresh leadership, significant steps forward could be taken. Then Hamas got elected... Well... shit. Add in the attacks by Hezbollah on Israel, and a chance at a cessation of hostilities suddenly seemed as far away as ever.

I think a lot of the issues that divide the people in that region are overstated and manipulated by a few influential people who want the conflict to drag on until one side or both has been annihilated. It's a real shame.

However, I find my perspective limited to analysis. Unlike Afghanistan and Iraq, I don't know anyone in Palestine or Israel. As such, I have a very limited idea of the perspective on the ground. That's changed a little thanks to this blog. Life Must Go On In Gaza and Sderot.

This blog is written jointly between two people. One lives in Sderot, an Israeli city that is frequently the target of missile strikes from the Gaza Coast. The other lives in a refugee camp outside Gaza. Together they share one common hope, for an end to the conflict that defines existence in the Holy Land.

Please visit their blog, and get a feel for their life. While there, please sign the petition asking for a one month cease fire, to allow civilians an opportunity to get out of the line of fire.

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