Friday, April 18, 2008

The Worst Song Ever.

A survey conducted in the 1990's about the least enjoyable aspects of music have driven Kolmar and Melamid to enlist the assistance of composer Dave Soldier to create what they have titled "The Most Unwanted Song". Brought to my attention by the Wired Blog, it is estimated that less than 200 people in the entire world would find this song enjoyable.

Unlike Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, The Most Unwanted Song is not just dissonant noise. It's just that annoying. Among the elements Incorporated into the song were accordions, bagpipes, banjos, flutes, tubas, harps, organs, and synthesizers. It involves operatic rap, and atonal singing, advertising jingles, political slogans, and Muzak. It has a children's choir singing holiday songs. The most annoying subject? Cowboys and holidays.

When you combine all these ingredients, you get a 25 minute abomination that is scientifically the most annoying song ever. Having listened to it, I can attest to that fact.

You can download the Most Unwanted Song here.

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Cara said...

I am...erm...too scared to download the most annoying song ever.