Monday, July 28, 2008

Well, this could be terrifying.

Someone actually cooked up an offense where all 11 players are potentially eligible to recieve the ball.

It's called the A-11, and it's here.


Mark said...

According to the article linked to my name, the A-11 offense is illegal almost everywhere.

The Renaissance Man said...

It's illegal in the NFL, but in the NCAA all it requires is that it being obvious that a kick might be attempted. That could be circumvented if one has a talented individual such as a Kordell Stewart, or more recently, WSU's ninja/punter Daryll Blunt. By having a talented individual who can provide a decent kicking game and a decent contribution to the offense, you essentially turn each play into a potential quick kick situation.

It probably wouldn't work in the NFL even if it were legal, due to the lack of mismatches the likes of which are apparent in the college and high school game. But in the NCAA, a team looking to get even more seperation might turn to this as the natural evolution of the spread style practiced by Urban Meyer.