Monday, August 11, 2008

Fixing College Football: The Big East

Let's start the specific conference realignments. We'll start on the east coast, with the Big East.

One of my goals for this realignment is to maintain traditional rivalries as much as possible. Here's the lineup for the expanded Big East.

University of Louisville
University of Kentucky
University of Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania State University
University of West Virginia
Syracuse University
University of Cincinnati
University of Connecticut
Rutgers University
University of South Florida

The two notable changes are the addition of Kentucky from the SEC and Penn State from the Big 10.

Kentucky is a notable rival of current Big East member Louisville. Kentucky has always been kind of an oddball in the SEC, and really doesn't share any sort of rivalry with anyone, save maybe fellow outcast Arkansas. Unlike Arkansas, however, Kentucky shares the state with Louisville, who is another solid football school right now.

Penn State was in a similar boat in the Big 10 as Louisville was in the Big East. Chasing money, Penn State latched on to another conference, and save perhaps the lopsided match up against Michigan, Penn State really lacks a rival with the kind of hatred that they had with Pittsburgh.

With these changes, hopefully the Big East will become a little more competitive.

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TOPolk said...

At first glance I thought your realignment was stupid. But then I looked back and thought about it a few times.

This would work. REALLY well. Who do we need to write to to make this happen?