Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Card Carrying Member of the E-4 Mafia.

Well, I apparently impressed someone at drill this past weekend, because after I gave a class on military reports, my squad leader and PL pulled me to the side and informed me that the CO was signing a time in service waiver to promote me to Specialist ahead of schedule. Hot damn.

On the upside, that equates to about $30 more per drill, $100 more per AT, and around $3K more in the event of a deployment. On the downside, the CO pulled me aside and congratulated me on showing "knowledge above my pay grade", and that he "expected it of me from now on." No more slacking. Damn.

Outside of the promotion, drill was the same old, same old. Periods of fun training, stuck in a mesh of overwhelming boredom. We did NBC training, working with the new JLIST suit, which is much more comfortable than the old MOPP suit. We followed that up with heavy weapons training on the Mk. 19 and M-2. One of the M-2s I disassembled had a serial number of 6664. Given that the M-2 has been produced from 1919 onward, that low of a serial number was probably built back in the forties. It still worked like a charm too. to close out the drill, we got some time in the Humvees to continue convoy training. It was good stuff.

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