Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Am a Witness.

We are now halfway through the second round of the NBA playoffs, and it seems we already have our signature play of the playoffs.

I love watching Lebron play. He's a physical freak, with MVP caliber skills. Personally, I thought he should have beat out Kobe for the MVP. It's plays like that one that thrill me. And the call? Perfect. "No Regard for Human Life!", just awesome. I think he's been playing that well since last season's playoffs. I remember watching the playoffs in Detroit last season, when Lebron finally tapped his massive talents, and annihilated the Pistons.

I hate to resort to a cheesy ad campaign, but...

We are watching the developing years of the next great superstar in Basketball. Cherish this. Every moment you can watch. Just like my Dad, who talks to me about watching Wilt and Russell go at it, and my cousins, who talk of Michael's formative years, down the road, I will be telling people, I saw Lebron play.

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TOPolk said...

I've been to Cleveland. I've been to "The Q." I've seen LeBron play.

He's a freak of nature. It's so unreal. I've been a witness.