Friday, May 9, 2008

What do you listen to?

Well, I'm still retagging my iTunes library. Only 1,405 more songs to go. Yay. :(

Anyhow, listening to all this music reminded me of a pretty sweet website I frequent. It's called is a music database that uses a program called audioscrobbler to track what it's members listen to. It also has a social network aspect to it as well. What website doesn't these days?

To get plugged into, just visit their site, and download the audioscrobbler program. Then, download whatever plugin matches your preferred music player, in my case iTunes. Set it up so that Audioscrobbler starts when you start that player, and listen to your music. The Audioscrobbler program also comes with an Internet radio player that lets you surf songs via genre or similar artists. It's a pretty sweet deal.

One of the cool things about this site is the way you can share your charts of who you listen to. You can break it down by your most recently played tracks.
DragonFireKai's Profile Page

Your most played tracks.

Your most played artists.

They also have flash based charts.

They even have image based charts for your top albums.

For those of you who are on, feel free to add me as a friend. Here's my profile.

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