Thursday, May 8, 2008

Let's be serious for a minute.

I want to bring up a very serious situation right now. Sorry about spewing out the posts today, but I just got the internet back up.

I'd like to talk about Cyclone Nargis. A cyclone is a Hurricane in the Southern Pacific and Indian Oceans. Same exact type of storm, just a different location. Cyclone Nargis made land fall in Burma six days ago. Things like this make me thank God daily that I live in the US. We're spoiled.

Cyclone Nargis had peak sustained winds of 135 MPH. This would have made it a category 4 hurricane if it were in the Atlantic. Most people regard Hurricane Katrina as the worst natural disaster to hit the US in modern history. Hurricane Katrina killed 1,836 people. The death toll of Cyclone Nargis is currently at 22,980, and it's still climbing.

While the Burmese government has remained resistant to formal international aid, the initial stages for international aid have been set. The US has given 3.25 million dollars, the EU have given 3 million dollars, Canada has given 2 million, and the generous British have already pledged a hair under 10 million. But every bit helps, and anyone wishing to donate to the relief effort is appreciated. The easiest way to donate is through this nifty page that Google has set up. It has a direct donation set up for UNICEF and Direct Relief International. Please, give what you can.

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