Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fixing College Football: The Atlantic Coast Conference

Well, the ACC is a mess right now. Let's rework that disaster.

The University of Miami (Florida)
Florida State University
Duke University
The University of North Carolina
North Carolina State University
Wake Forest University
Virginia Tech University
The University of Virginia
Clemson University
The University of South Carolina

Who the hell thought to put the Gamecocks into the SEC? Remember the brawl in 04 that Lou Holtz tried to break up? That's fucking HATE right there. Hate breeds drama, drama breeds interest, interest breeds cash. VT vs UVA, UM vs FSU, Duke vs UNC, NC State vs Wake Forest. This is a Gemini model in the vein of the Pac 10. Everyone has an in conference rival. Everyone has That Game to look foreword to.

Maryland and Boston College are too far north. BC is really a better rival with Notre Dame anyways, and Maryland's most hated foe is Johns Hopkins. Maryland will be a tough one to place. Georgia Tech is really more in SEC territory anyways.

The ACC takes these changes very well, as most of the schools fall neatly into existing rivalries.

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TOPolk said...

South Carolina used to be in the ACC years ago. They left on their own will, went independent, then joined the SEC -- where they get dominated fairly often. As much as I hate to say it, they match up better in the ACC as they're more of a finesse team compared to the smash-mouth bruisers of the SEC.
I'm a little saddened by the loss of GT in your realignment. That's always my favorite game on the schedule. However considering their two of their three biggest rivals are UGA and Auburn (w/ Clemson being a distant 3rd), maybe it would work out better that way.