Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fixing College Football: The Southeastern Conference

Here's where I'm probably gonna hit the most friction. Retooling the SEC. We've already pulled out Kentucky and South Carolina and stuck them in the Big East and the ACC, respectively.

The University of Alabama
Auburn University
The University of Florida
The University of Georgia
The University of Mississippi
Mississippi State University
Vanderbilt University
The University of Tennessee
Louisiana State University
Georgia Tech University

The first eight were easy, traditional, rivalries. However, LSU doesn't have a traditional rival, neither does Arkansas. I decided to pull Arkansas because they are the most decentralized geographically. I threw in Georgia Tech from the ACC to centralize the SEC more in the south east.


GM said...

I think vanderbilt should get tossed from this conference. They CAN'T compete. Put them in somewhere else (like CUSA) but they shouldn't be in the SEC.

The Renaissance Man said...

They can compete as well as South Carolina or Ole Miss. Pretty much as well as any of the bottom 6 teams can compete in the SEC right now. But later on I will explain further about my plan to deal with cupcakes.

TOPolk said...

Vandy sure as hell put the bricks to South Carolina a few nights ago. :-D

I've been noticing that your realignments have been based around the 10 team format. Not a fan of the conference championship system?

The Renaissance Man said...

No, I'm not a fan of conference championship games, I'll go into more detail later.